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My Purpose:

To help people build wealth through reliable accounting, strategic tax planning and actionable business advisory.

My Niche:

Independent service professionals, multi-property rental real estate owners and service business owners.

My Core Values:

  1. Care: I care about my client’s success

  2. Diligence: Make sure things get done and plan ahead on behalf of my clients

  3. Work Smart: Continuously simplify and streamline all processes for clients

3 Uniques:

1. I know finances are a means to an end: I find ways for clients to achieve their goals and lifestyle with strategic budgeting and business decisions that fall within regulatory guidelines.

2. I buy what I sell: my family and I follow the advice and strategies I give to my clients. This gives me a more intimate understanding of the realities in, for example, starting a second business, buying and managing rental properties, succession planning, creating a new brand, etc.

3. I am a Certified Public Accountant with foundational experience helping mid size and publicly traded companies (a PricewaterhouseCoopers alum). I am also a second generation CPA and grew up with entrepreneur parents and have a deep understanding of the struggles and opportunities of entrepreneurs.

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