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The key to maximizing your deductions is accurately recording transactions.  And the key to planning and optimizing your business with with accurate financial reporting. 


We provide high-quality bookkeeping and accounting as part of our packaged services for proactive management of your businesses finances and operations.

We use Quickbooks Online or Xero to manage all bookkeeping operations. Here is what our bookkeeping service line entails:

  • Monthly or Quarterly Bank Reconciliations

  • Accurate recording of loans, distributions, fixed assets & depreciation, accruals, etc.


We prepare financial statements and select KPIs so that you and your management can have a better understanding of your businesses financial performance. Here are the typical monthly or quarterly deliverables:

  • Financial Statements - Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows

  • Basic KPIs (extra) : i.e. Income by Contact, AR Aging, etc.

  • Advanced KPIs (extra): Cash Flow Forecasting, Profitability Ratios, Growth, Liquidity ratios, etc.


On a quarterly or monthly basis, we can be available to advise you based on your current focus based on your business' performance.  We take into account your personal and business goals as well as their tax implications to help you make better decisions. 


We can help you manage your payroll through our partnership with Gusto.  Gusto makes I-9, W-2, 1099, 940, 941, etc compliance easy.  Our assistance in management includes:

  • Annual owner's compensation analysis

  • Biannual owner's tax withholding analysis

  • Recording of Health Insurance Benefits paid

  • Accurate recording of Retirement Contributions (ie. solo 401k)

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Financial Reporting and KPIs
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All our Accounting and Advisory packages either include monthly or quarterly consultations with a CPA.

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