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Tax Planning
Tax Advisory
& Compliance

Filing tax returns is only a portion of our tax service package.  While compliance with the tax authorities is absolutely imperative, simply filing your tax return will not be enough to comply - paying your tax liability is just as important.

Through thoughtful planning and regular check-ins, our goal is to help you avoid an unnecessary tax burden when it comes time to file your tax returns.

Our goal is to meet at least twice with our clients throughout the year to ensure they are aware of the tax impact of their personal and business developments.  This also allows us to refine estimated taxes as the year progresses.

Tax Planning

To properly plan, we put together a tax return simulation based on your previous year's file and modify it with assumptions for the current year's income.  We can also run scenarios to help you navigate the tax impact of complex scenarios like 1031 exchanges, incorporating, realizing a large capital gain, etc.


Tax Advisory

Based on results from our planning analysis, we will recommend moving forward or postponing certain activities that would have a tax impact.  We will also refine our tax projections so that you can accurately withhold taxes through payroll and quarterly estimates.



Annually, we will request information and tax documents from you through our secure portal.  We will use all information to put together your tax returns to be filed before the extended deadline.  Based on prior planning, you should have little to no taxes owed. 

All our Tax and Advisory packages include at least bi annual consultations with a CPA.

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