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Independent Professionals

We help independent professionals and high-earning independent contractors chart their financial journey with actionable advice.  We start with your business bookkeeping and tax filings.  From there, we analyze costs and revenue streams to help you operate optimally based on your financial and lifestyle goals.  After we start logging your business' historical financial performance, we can start tax planning for the current and future years.  Tax planning and budgeting will provide you with a clear view of the cash flow available for your lifestyle, investment and retirement goals.  We believe most professionals should have an investment portfolio that consists of rental real estate and liquid investments such as stocks and bonds.  Every plan is custom tailored to meet our client's needs and so we invite you to submit a consultation questionnaire so we can best prepare for a consultation.


With the advent of remote work and specialized services, there are many opportunities and risks for independent professionals. We can help you analyze your cash flows to see if they line up with your expectations based on the time committed. We can also advise you on how you run your business to maximize tax write-offs, determine your most profitable jobs and help you identify opportunities for cost savings. From there, we can discuss your lifestyle and retirement goals and the types of investments that align with those goals.  Depending on your investment needs, we can collaborate with financial advisors and attorneys to help you reach your retirement and investment goals.  Based on your lifestyle and family needs, we can collaborate with mortgage brokers, estate attorneys and insurance professionals to protect your assets and let you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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